Surgical treatment of breast diseases

Being specialized in breast surgery, we can treat the whole range of surgical breast diseases. These might be benign conditions that aggrieve the woman, benign tumors and malignant tumors. Our job mainly involves surgical oncology of the breast.
The most frequently performed surgeries are:

·  Simple mastectomy

·  Skin sparing mastectomy and simultaneous breast reconstruction

·  Nipple sparing mastectomy and simultaneous breast reconstruction

·  Partial mastectomy (removal of a part of the breast)

·  Partial mastectomy after hook wire localization of a non-palpable lesion

·  Oncoplastic partial mastectomy (removal of a part of the breast and reconstruction thereof using local flaps)

·  Axillary lymph node dissection

·  Sentinel lymph node biopsy

·  Microdochectomy (removal of the lactiferous duct with intraductal lesion )

·  Benign tumor removal


In every case that points to surgical treatment, the patient is informed in all detail about the various treatment options as well as about the post-operative aesthetic outcome. We pay special attention not only to the oncological safety of the procedures but also to their impeccable aesthetic outcome. We encourage our patients to make a decision with peace of mind and in their own time, when feeling safe and not in panic.

In cases of mastectomy with simultaneous reconstruction, we work together with a team of experienced plastic surgeons. The histological examination of surgical specimens is always carried out by reliable and experienced pathologists.
With our experience in a very large number of surgical procedures, our absolute specialization and constant training and information, we aim at perfect and safe treatment of all patients.

Oncoplastic surgery

Oncoplastic surgery is the state-of-the-art development in surgical oncology of the breast. It has to do with tumor removal and simultaneous restoration of the missing part that is created in the breast by means of plastic surgery techniques, in their original form or modified to meet the needs of surgical oncology. It aims at avoiding deformity or even improving the appearance of the breast, provided of course that the tumor is successfully treated first.
Our excellent knowledge of oncoplastic surgery is a key asset for us in the performance of breast surgeries.  In most of our patients we apply oncoplastic surgery techniques after having previously informed them about them.

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Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Exploration of the armpit for a possible dissemination of the disease is an integral part of the surgical treatment of breast cancer. The traditional axillary lymph node dissection (removal of the axillary lymph nodes) has now been replaced by sentinel lymph node biopsy. This way, the patients whose cancer has not spread to the armpit are spared an unnecessary and more serious procedure which leads to several problems post-operatively.
For our patients we apply the two-fold method of sentinel lymph node localization (using a radioisotope and blue dye) which guarantees high detection rates and excellent oncological safety.

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