Needle biopsy of suspicious breast lesions

Each suspicious breast tumor that is discovered through clinical examination or through imaging tests needs to be assessed with a needle biopsy.

In our practice we perform either palpating-guided (in cases of easily palpable tumors) or ultrasonography-guided needle biopsies (in cases of vaguely palpable or non-palpable lesions).

The biopsy can be a fine needle aspiration (FNA) or a core needle biopsy. In the first case, cells from the lesion are aspirated using a common syringe, they are fixed on a special glass plate and dispatched to a specialized doctor (a cytologist) to be examined. In the second case, a special biopsy device is used to obtain tiny tissue blocks from the lesion, which are examined by a specialized pathologist. In both cases, the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and it is painless and safe. After biopsy, an ecchymosis (a bruise) may appear on the spot of the biopsy, which goes away in a few days. The biopsy results are ready in 2-3 days. Read more ....

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