Clinical examination, evaluation and treatment of symptomatic cases

The evaluation of women with breast-related symptoms is one of the most important procedures in our practice.  Each case of malignancy must be diagnosed and treated in time so that the possibility of a successful outcome is maximized. Each case of a benign problem must be evaluated and treated in the simplest, fastest and most effective way, so that the woman is not psychologically affected and her exposure to unnecessary diagnostic or therapeutic interventions is avoided.
The most usual symptoms we are called upon to evaluate are:
• Palpable induration
• Retraction of the skin or inverted nipple
• Visible swelling  
• Redness or other skin change
• Nipple discharge or nipple skin change
• Swelled lymph nodes in the armpit
• Subjective disturbances, such as pain
During the first visit, a detailed history is taken and recorded electronically. Any existing laboratory exams are evaluated and a careful clinical examination follows, which can also be supplemented with ultrasound testing, if necessary. According to the case, material may be obtained for cytology examination (nipple discharge, fine needle aspiration biopsy) or for histological examinations (core needle biopsy). The patient is fully informed about the possible diagnosis, any extra laboratory exams that might be required as well as about the suggested treatment.
With respect towards the patient's personality, we try our best to inform her in all detail both about her condition and about her treatment options. When we diagnose a malignancy, which is something shocking and life-changing for all people, we try to provide our patient with psychological support and inspire her with the sense of safety and trust she needs so much.
There is constant cooperation with representatives of other specialties involved, so that our patients are offered the most modern and documented treatment options.
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