Evaluation of familial/hereditary breast cancer - Genetic counseling

Hereditary and familial breast cancer are approximately 15% of all cases of breast cancer. The identification of women (healthy or not) with a genetic mutation is an important process that requires knowledge and experience. 
The family and individual medical history of each woman are recorded electronically and assessed and then the possibility of having a genetic mutation is calculated based on contemporary scientific data. Each woman receives detailed information on the signs that justify a genetic test as well as its possible benefits. If a genetic mutation is detected, the person is individually and responsibly informed about the risks, the available choices and the impact of the choices.
In genetic counseling there is no such thing as an "one-size-fits-all" approach. A great number of factors are considered (age, family status, mutation type, presence or absence of a disease, psychosocial status and personality, the woman's personal choices) before we reach the final counsel-recommendation.
The profound knowledge of the subject matter as well as the ability of communicating, guarantee proper information, encouragement of the woman towards the right choices and avoidance of unnecessary and often aggravating (in an economic and psychological sense) procedures. We invest as much time as needed in detailed information and support the woman's final decisions. Read more....
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