Screening of asymptomatic women (clinical examination and evaluation of the imaging-based findings)

A visit to the clinical physician (breast surgeon) as part of the screening is absolutely necessary. During this visit the woman's medical history (individual and family) is taken in detail. This way, the woman is classed in the general population risk group or the high risk group, which also determines the screening method. In addition, the results of the imaging tests (mammography, ultrasonography) are also evaluated and a clinical examination of the breasts follows (inspection and palpation).  All findings (clinical and imaging-based) are recorded in an electronic file and are available for all repetition visits. The detailed keeping of electronic file is a key requirement for the operation of a practice that is involved in monitoring of patients, such as the breast practice.
During clinical examination it is possible to diagnose tumors that are not found in imaging, because:
- The composition of the breasts does not allow for it (very dense breasts)
- Their position is not visible by mammography (subclavian areas, lateral thoracic wall)
- The nature of the disease is special (Paget's, lobular cancer, non calcified palpable in situ carcinoma etc.)
- They simply escaped the first evaluation (the second one increases the possibility of detecting cancer by 5-17%)
Depending on the findings, the physician might give instructions for an annual regular repetition exam, a repetition exam sooner or even a referral for more tests.
Being absolutely specialized, constantly informed and experienced, we aim at early diagnosis of oncological problems before they become life-threatening. During her visit, every woman has as much time as she needs to get answers to her questions. Moreover, we encourage our patients to contact us for any relevant question or problem.



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